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Buuusy busy weekend for Nurse Iris! Sorry I haven’t been able to post much this weekend, but it should all go back to normal by later today!

I’m also going to make brand new promos, so if anyone has any requests send them in so I can know which ones to make!

I'd like to apply as a megan fox FC but I'll also apply as a you me at six boy if you want :)

That’s fine, Ill reserve her now, as for the YMAS, totally up to you!

Alright guys, I’m making new promo templates, Who would you like to see?

we’re at 6/15 apps we needed before we’re actually official! So keep sending in apps!

Requesting issues, matty healy, jenna mcdougall, and cody carson!

You heard them!

Ashton Irwin

               Will expire later tonight..

Zack Hansen
Alan Ashby

The  Devils Toys

Welcome to Princeton Avenue Clinic! Feel free to look around, and look for your room! If you have any questions, or preferences, do not hesitate to ask! And don’t forget to check here for the updated tw list!

Mallory James // @ turd.emoji

Please Enjoy your stay at Princeton Avenue Clinic.

Hi there! We're a brand new post apocalyptic AU bandom roleplay and we were wondering if you'd like to be affiliates? (:

Of course!

Madness In Me

Check em’ out!!